Monday, January 21, 2008

CSFFB On Tour With "Auralia's Colors" by Jeffrey Overstreet (One of my favorite people!)

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This week we're featuring a debut fantasy novel and author, Jeffrey Overstreet and "Auralia's Colors". But let me, for today, tell you the story of my discovery of this amazing and unique novel.

I was caught up in the throes of Harry Potter mania, and desperately searching for some fantasy that appealed to me on all levels: mental, emotional, and spiritual. So, while browsing at one of my favorite internet hangouts (, I stumbled across an advanced listing of "Auralia's Colors".

The concept was so unique and the cover art so hauntingly beautiful, I immediately put it on my wish list and impatiently waited for it's release. VERY impatiently.

Periodically, I'd go back and check the release date, but it just didn't seem to be drawing close enough. So, being me, I did a google search of Jeffrey Overstreet, wanting to find out about the man behind the story.

Lo and behold, I found an entire blog dedicated to "Auralia" sightings...this was a way cool marketing technique, and I found myself going back daily to see where "Auralia" would pop up next.

One day I read in a post that Jeff was looking for some potential test readers, and I quickly left a comment. I received an email from him very shortly after that, asking me if I was serious.

Well, he now knows just how serious I can be about my books:-) We struck up a wonderful email friendship, and I received an advanced copy of Auralia (be still my heart!), which I immediately devoured.

With my review posted, Jeff asked me to do an "Auralia Sighting Post" for his blog, and then we did an interview that was So. Much. Fun. I plan on reposting it all for this current tour, and we may just have to do another giveaway.

Not only is "Auralia's Colors" an amazing and fascinating novel, but Jeff is a gentleman and a wonderful new friend. In fact, I need to go bug him about the next novel in the series...haven't had an update in a while! So, while I go do that (I'll share what I learn...maybe:-), check out some of my blogger buddies on this tour:

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Stop back by tomorrow for a repeat of my review, and on Wednesday, I'll post the interview, with updated information (Hopefully!).

Happy Reading!


P.S. To find out more about "Auralia's Colors", click here.


ForstRose said...

Hey Deena-

I finally dug down to this book in my TBR pile in time for ths tour. Wow - very different from TM (and don't tell Geri - I will eventually but she's in the midst of TM2 so a little hard to pin down) but I think this is the first book I've read in a year that can tie with it in my book.

Oh and I have a copy I'm giving away that post goes up tomorrow.


Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Deena, before CSFF agreed to feature Auralia's Colors I found your review via Jeff's site. You had such intelligent things to say (everyone can see what I mean tomorrow), and it was a helpful nudge for us deciding to add the book to the schedule.

I'm so glad we did.


Kait said...

How lucky are you to get an advanced copy! I'm looking forward to reading your review!