Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Final Post on "For Parents Only"!

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These days, parents need every advantage they can get in understanding and relating to their teens. Temptations have always been out there, but they seem more varied and more appealing than ever before.

What Shaunti and Lisa have written is a brief glimpse into the mind and heart of today's teen. Whether Christian or not, they think alike, they feel alike, and they struggle to find their way in this messed up, crazy world.

Now, keep in mind their surveys don't reflect every aspect of teendom, but they cover a lot of ground. And there are always exceptions to every rule. If your struggles with your teenager are outside the bounds of typical, seek help from a trusted professional.

But no matter what age your children are, you will glean a lot of valuable insight from this little book. To learn more about the surveys Shaunti and Lisa write about, visit their website here.

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Happy Reading!


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