Thursday, November 29, 2007

Every Secret Thing by Ann Tatlock

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What a wonderful author I've discovered. Not that she's new...I've just never had the privilege of reading her until now. And I'm SO glad I did!

"Every Secret Thing" weaves the tale of Elizabeth Gunnar and her journey both as a student and later as a teacher at Seaton Preparatory School in Delaware. What results is a gorgeous tapestry of past and present woven together to finally reveal the truth.

Elizabeth has begun the year as an English teacher at the school she herself once attended. Being back at home, in a setting as familiar as her name, Elizabeth finds herself overwhelmed with memories.

Memories of her group of friends, six teens bonded together who called themselves the Barbarians--good kids who were more brains than anything in terms of trouble makers. Memories of their teacher and later friend, Mr. Theodore Dutton. Memories of that night...that horrible night.

While holding on to the memories of the past, Elizabeth finds herself drawn to one of her own students, Satchel Queen--a troubled teen who feels herself invisible, but who is very real to Elizabeth.

The two bond, and the friendship between Satchel and Elizabeth awaken the dead and dormant places in Elizabeth's heart, and help Satchel to know that Someone loves her. And Elizabeth finds out that she still has feelings for an old childhood friend, now town doctor with a family of his own.

Watching the teacher and student relationship develop brought back memories of my own "favorite" teachers and how the mentored me beyond the requirements, and helped me believe in myself and strengthened my faith.

Two questions remain: what exactly happened on that dreadful night when the Barbarians met together? And does Ray still have feelings for Elizabeth, or is their past too much to overcome?

This novel is rich, and deep, and one of those soul journeys worth taking. I highly recommend Ann Tatlock's portrait of small town life and God sized experiences...I think you'll enjoy it.

"Every Secret Thing" receives six out of five bookmarks from me, with a piece of chalk as a charm...doesn't the smell of chalk take you back? I know it does me...let Ann take you back and enjoy the journey! Now, I'm off to find more of this author's books to read!

Happy Reading!



Brittanie said...

Hi Deena
I love the new site. It does not take as long to load. :)
Have you heard of a new author Cheryl Wyatt? Her first book comes out in January. She is putting together a blog tour. I don't know if you are on it yet. Her books kinda remind me of Dee Henderson and I love her blog. Check it out

Kim said...

Deena -
I've read all of Ann Tatlock's books thus far. You are in for a major treat!!! Glad you discovered her books! All of her stories are different, but very richly textured! She's one of my favorites!


Nise' said...

This book is on my TBR list! I think I will move it up in the pile! LOL

Clair said...

I read this and enjoyed it too.