Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Shepherds' Prayer by Richard M. Barry

Some of my favorite books are stories about Christmas. And while Christmas is still several weeks away, it's never too early for a wonderful Christmas story, especially a story as unique and beautiful as "The Shepherds' Prayer".

Anam is a man without a heritage. Even his name speaks of his loss ("Anam" means no-name). Found as a tiny infant, he was taken in by Micah and Miriam and raised as their own son. But lineage is important to his people, and he longs to know who he is and where he came from.

So, at the age of 30, he sets off with his father's blessing and a lambskin blanket, hoping to find the story of his family.

What Anam finds is so gorgeous, so incredible...I found my eyes flooding with tears as each page unfolded. He travels to Bethlehem, the place of our Savior's birth, and hears from the shepherds the story of the angel's appearing. And ultimately, Anam finds what he's been longing for his entire life.

We hear the story of that first Christmas so many times, we get familiar with it and it doesn't thrill our hearts as it should. It is stories like "The Shepherds' Prayer" that help to restore the majesty and the wonder of our Savior's birth.

Learning of the events so long ago in Bethlehem from Anam's point of view just illustrates the length God was willing to go to in order to redeem His people, and the magnitude of His love for us.

And that He first told shepherds, the lowliest of people...well, that speaks volumes. This story emphasizes the depth of God's love and how it reaches to anyone who will receive it. The depth of love these men have for their Savior is awe-inspiring. And what they are willing to endure in order to share their story...well, it puts me to shame.

This is a story worth reading alongside Luke chapter 2 each and every Christmas.

I give "The Shepherds' Prayer" five out of five bookmarks, with a little shepherd's crook as a charm. This is the perfect Advent gift to begin our Christmas season right. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this little treasure!

For more information on this wonderful book, visit www.ShepherdsPrayer.com

Happy Reading!


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