Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A New Promise by Julie Eller

People ask me how I find out about books. Well, I lurk at and I surf publisher's websites. And I'm a member of several on-line communities, like ShoutLife.

Which is where I discovered a little gem called "A New Promise".

Scott Parnell is a man torn apart by his wife's terminal illness. He's so busy working to keep bills paid and food on the table that he's missing the lives of his troubled children, 17 year old Tyler and 13 year old Tawnya.

Both of his children are in great emotional pain, with no one there to guide them. Their grandmother means well, and tries to help, but is so eaten up with bitterness over the loss of her daughter that she ends up doing more harm than good.

So when Aunt Celeste is moved by God to come home and help, she truly is a Godsend to the Parnell family. Stepping in out of faith and a sincere desire to help, Celeste makes a huge difference in all of their lives.

This is a gorgeous tale of the power of God to transform the broken into the whole. Despite the tragedy that befalls the Parnell family, reaching out to God in their own way brings the love of God into each of their lives.

Julie has written a novel that I can see myself reading again and again. I loved the story, the power of God so evident, and found such hope in this story. I give "A New Promise" five out of five bookmarks with a tiny rose for Rachel as a charm.

Read this story. You simply have to meet these people. Truly, you do!

Happy Reading!


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Anonymous said...

This book sounds awesome awesome Deena! Thanks for the recommendation!