Thursday, October 18, 2007

Giigle by Bonnie Brown

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Rarely do I get an out of the blue invitation to review, but occasionally, it happens. Someone will read my blog and think, "Hey, I think she'd like this novel or book", and they send me an email.

Which is how I found out about the memoir titled "Giigle". Written by Bonnie Brown, still in it's galley form (i.e., not yet published), "Giigle" is a fun account of the woman behind the scenes.

Bonnie was the on staff massage therapist for Google, long before the company went public.

With a bit about her life pre-Google days, stories about her many travels, and the history behind the huge company we all know and love, Bonnie weaves a memoir that is both entertaining and informative.

Jesus is her first passion; massage is a close second. She makes the valid point that we are a touch phobic society and we are paying a high price. Her descriptions of massage therapy are enough to have you melting as you read them, and it made me realize just how tensely (I know that isn't a real word--but I like it and you know what I mean!) I go through life.

In our culture of reality television and tell all books, "Giigle" is a breath of fresh and welcome air. Her anecdotes are funny, her knowledge is incredible, and I would love to meet her and experience her massage talents first hand!

My one complaint is the choppy-ness of the book (I know, I made up another word!). At times I wasn't sure if I was reading past, present or future. But I did enjoy the details of the art and science of massage interspersed in the book. And "Poop Fiction" could have happened to glad it didn't!!

My hope is that one day we will find this book alongside the John Maxwell's and Larry Burkett's of today, and that we will no longer live in fear, knotted up because we're afraid of reaching out in the name of Jesus with a cup of cold water...or a stress reducing massage as the case may be.

Watch for more reviews of not yet published never know what might pop into my inbox these days:-) To learn more about Bonnie Brown, click here.

Happy Reading!


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