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CFBA Presents Surrender Bay by Denise Hunter! (AND A GIVEAWAY!)

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This week, the

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(Thomas Nelson November 6, 2007)


Denise Hunter

Denise lives in Indiana with her husband Kevin and their three sons. In 1996, Denise began her first book, a Christian romance novel, writing while her children napped.

Two years later it was published, and she's been writing ever since. Her books often contain a strong romantic element, and her husband Kevin says he provides all her romantic material, but Denise insists a good imagination helps too!

In addition to Surrender Bay, the second Nantucket book releases in April 2008. The title is The Convenient Groom and features Kate Lawrence, a relationship advice columnist, whose groom dumps her on her wedding day. Denise is currently at work on the third Nantucket book (Oct 2008) which is untitled so far.

When Sam's estranged step-father dies, she inherits his ocean-front cottage in Nantucket--not because he kindly bequeathed it to her, but because he neglected to ever create a will. Sam returns to the island she left 11 years ago with her daughter Caden to fix up the house and sell it, but she isn't counting on is the fact that Landon Reed still lives two doors down from her childhood home.

As their long-dormant romance begins to bud again, Sam must face the fact that Landon still doesn't know why she really left the island. Will the secrets she's hidden all these years tear them apart? Or is Landon's love really as unconditional as he claims?

"I've always thought Denise Hunter was an amazing writer but this wonderful story sets her firmly at the forefront of compelling love stories. How Landon breaks down Samantha's determination that she is unworthy of love kept me glued to the pages. An amazing story!"

--Colleen Coble, author of Fire Dancer (Smoke Jumper Series)

Denise was gracious enough to grant me an interview, and we had a lot of fun chatting! Here's what she had to say:

1) What led you to set this novel in Nantucket?

I was looking for a place a reader might want to spend a good deal of time. Setting is important to me. It affects the feel of the whole novel, the occupations of the characters, the culture. It would've been easier to set the series someplace closer to home, but Nantucket just felt right for Surrender Bay. And when my family and I went there to scope it out, I was so glad I'd chosen to set it there. It's like no place else I've ever visited; the perfect place to set a romance novel.

2) Sam and her daughter Caden have a somewhat strained relationship in the beginning of the story. I have a similar relationship with one of my daughters. What do you hope moms will come away from this story with in terms of relationships?

It's easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day stuff that we forget to sit down and have conversations or never get around to plopping down on the floor for a game of Monopoly. Kids need us--they need our time and attention most of all. Sam was often too busy getting things done to realize her daughter needed her. Also, she tended to forget she was the grown-up. It's our responsibility as the parent to make the first move, to model good behavior, to keep our discussions cool-headed. Easier said than done, especially once they're teenagers!

3) When Sam returns to the cottage she grew up in, she is overwhelmed with memories. Any place that does that for you, either good or bad memories?

I have very fond memories at my grandparents' house, but unfortunately, it was sold when they passed away, so I no longer get to visit there. My dad's house is like that, though. He and my step-mother still live there, and since I live out of town, we often stay there when we go "home". I know just where all the squeaks in the floor are. :-)

4) We read stories all the time in women's magazines and in news reports of long lost loves reunited. Not giving away Sam's relationships, what do you think of the the possibilties of love lasting over a lifetime of being apart?

I think once you've loved someone, there is always the possibility of falling in love with them again whether several years later or several decades later. A good reason to stay away from those ex-boyfriends after your married. :-)

5) Any sequels in the works, and if so, any hints? If not, any other projects brewing?

Not sequels, per se, but there will be three more Nantucket love stories. The next one is called The Convenient Groom and is scheduled for release in April '08. It has a whole new cast of characters, including a relationship expert who finds herself jilted on her wedding day.

6) I love your blog with Colleen, Kristen and Diann called Girls Write Out. What put the four of you together?

I so treasure my friendship with those girls! Colleen, Kristin, and I were all on the Heartsong Presents email loop when we were just starting out. Colleen and Kristin were already close. Then Colleen and I realized we only lived an hour apart and so we started emailing and we met up for a conference. Soon, the three of us were critiquing each other's work and going to conferences together. Then Diann came along. Colleen realized she lived close to us and pulled her into our little friendship, and she fit like she'd been there all along. I thank God all the time for blessing me with those girls!

7) Okay, when it comes to chocolate: milk, dark, white, or justgiveittomenow?

Dark! My mom used to buy those Hershey miniatures when I was a kid and I always rooted out the Special Darks. I've graduated to finer chocolates now, and I justify my habit with the knowlege that dark chocolate is good for you.

8) What's on your to be read list of books?

Split Ends by Kristin Billerbeck, Be Sweet by Diann Hunt, A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin

To learn more about Denise, visit here at:

Check out her blog with Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, and Diann Hunt!


Did you hang in there til the end with me?? Good for you, because now you have the chance to win an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of this wonderful novel! Yup! Just leave me a comment with your favorite vacation spot (one you've been to or want to visit) and I'll draw a winner on November 7th!!

Happy Reading!



Brittanie said...

My favorite spot is Destin, FL. I love the beach. We went to Gulf Shores, AL this year and it was not as good. Please enter me for this contest. :)

Vader's Mom said...

Well from the amount of times we've been - Disney World would be our favorite. But I would love to see Hawaii.

Nise' said...

Anywhere that I can learn about history. I love history!

ForstRose said...

Hello Deena - Please enter me for Surrender Bay. Sounds like a fun book. I enjoy Girls Write Out too when I actually have time to read my blog list - lol. Books have kind of taken over my reading time lately. As for vacation spot I'd have to say the Oregon Coast.

Ausjenny said...

This is one book i have to have.
I am not going into the draw (im an aussie) but had to post.
this looks great.
well In australia my favourite destination is Western Australia
but The mountains in BC Canada after seeing the this year are right up there.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I'd love to be entered for this one :)

My favorite vacation spot is harder to pick - we've been to the Smoky Mountains several times and love it there (Gatlinburg), but have also loved several other spots we've visited like Washington DC and Disneyworld. I'm hoping to go to many more wonderful spots one day, including Alaska and Hawaii!

Jenny said...

Deena-You have so many contests going on!Please enter me for this one too! As for favorite vacation spot--I'd have to say Disney World. It is the only place where my kids are so thrilled to be that I actually feel like I get a break.


Janet said...

I think I would like to go to Prince Edward Island. It sounds like a wonderful place to relax in the summer.

Charis said...

So many places I would love to go, but I guess I would really love to go to Europe the most! said...

Well I have two favorite places.. my favorite place in the US by far is New Orleans.. I haven't been since the hurricane but before it always felt like home. I also used to get to go to France (the southern end) every year for my birthday (previous marriage.. back when I actually had money to do such things.. lol i doubt I'll ever get to go again) and I LOVED strollin around Toulouse and just driving through all the small towns.. it was truely my idea of heaven.

bjg said...

I'd love to read this book! Thanks

bjg said...

oops I forgot my favorite vacation spot. That would be the Outer Banks, NC

windycindy said...

Hi, Thanks for the contest! How fun.
I went on a cruise from Florida and to the island of St.Thomas and the island of St.Martin. That was an experience! Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks, Cindi

lace said...

one of my favorite spots is Savannah Georgia. It is so beautiful

ChristyJan said...

My favorite spot would be Yellowstone National Park (we see something new everytime we go).

Amanda said...

I have two favorite vacation spots... Maine and Oregon. Opposite sides of the country, but so similar in beauty. Every time I've been there I have felt so connected to God. He created those amazing places and drew me to them. Thanks for sponsoring the contest Deena, I would love to win!

Karen said...

My favorite vacation spot is anywhere on the Gulf Coast in Florida. We live closer to TX now, so maybe we'll try that next year:) This one is on my wishlist, so please count me in;)

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