Thursday, August 30, 2007

Moon Over Tokyo by Siri Mitchell

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Siri Mitchell is my kind of chick-lit author! Her heroines are not so self-assured, her heroes always bring out the best in the heroines, and her settings are incredible.

"Moon Over Tokyo" is the story of Allie O'Connor and her wish for a new friend. Gina is returning to her home country of Australia, and she is the only person who "gets" Allie. She is Allie's security friend, and so Allie prays for another friend, just like Gina.

Be careful what you pray for:-)

As she is leaving church one morning, Allie runs into her nemesis from high school...a Republican named Eric Larsen. Complete opposites, Allie is shocked to discover that God has given her the answer to her prayer...and it's Eric?!?!?!?

Join Allie on her journey of true self-discovery, and fall in love with Eric yourself as he gently guides her on this journey. Enjoy the lush scenery and rich culture of Japan as Allie slowly steps out of her shell and ventures out into the entire country from her Tokyo hidey-hole.

Meeting Eric once again made me so grateful for my own "Eric" husband Dave. He too believes I can do anything, thinks I'm drop dead gorgeous, and brings out the best in me. When I let him, that is! Too much Allie in me, I think!

Having been to Japan, this novel brought back some gorgeous memories. Siri nailed it with her description of the Buddhist temples and her experiences at Sumo wrestling. Loved it!

I give "Moon Over Tokyo" six out of five bookmarks, with a little guide book to Japan charm...just for Allie. Although, I somehow doubt she'll be needing it:-)

Happy Reading!


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Rel said...

Siri is great! I had my own onsen experience in Japan so that scene made me laugh although I was braver than Allie and Gina :) Did you check out the acknowledgements - my little ol' name got a mention!!!