Monday, July 16, 2007

Pink by Marilynn Griffith

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This series has been calling my name for some time. I love the concept, and when I heard that the fourth book is due out soon, I snatched up the first three titles and put them on my overloaded TBR shelf.

"Pink" is the first installment, and I found it very intriguing. Raya Joseph is a designer for Garments of Praise (you meet the other women at this fashion office in later novels). Struggling with past mistakes--hers and her parents'--she longs to just be herself.

Her eye for design is unique, and so are her friendships. Especially her latest, with personal trainer Flex Dunham. He is battling his own past, along with baggage from his mom and dad as well. But both Flex and Raya have been burned, and find it difficult to be open with one another.

Through a series of circumstances involving a wedding gown, a team uniform, and a young boy in need of assistance, Flex and Raya find they make a better team than they'd thought.

Can they ever learn for forgive themselves? How will they ever see one another clearly until the past is forgotten? And will Megan ever make up her ever-lovin' mind??

On a serious note, Marilynn mentions the struggle for AIDS victims, and that well over 2/3rds of those diagnosed in this country are African American women. The need for purity is cross cultural, and this message is loud and clear in this excellent novel.

"Pink" gets four out five bookmarks, with a tiny barbell for a charm. Maybe Raya can lift THAT one with no problems:-) Be watching for more reviews from the Shades of Style series.

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