Sunday, July 1, 2007

Murder By Mushroom by Virginia Smith

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Welcome to Heritage Community Church---just don't eat at potluck!!

This little novel came at just the right time, and was so much fun to read! Jackie Hoffner is new to HCC, and a backhanded comment at a potluck supper gets her dander up. Taunted that she can keep them supplied in potato chips, she decides to show the women of HCC.

Her spiral noodle dish is a hit, and little is left to pack up as leftovers. But Alice Farmer snags a dish full, and it isn't long before Alice is dead and the police come knocking on Jackie's door.

But Jackie didn't poison Alice with mushrooms---did she? And if she didn't do it, who did? While the cops are looking at Jackie (and one with more than just investigative interest:-), Jackie is looking a church members to find a killer.

It's hard to write a murder mystery, albeit a cozy one, about a church. And to write it in a non-offensive and entertaining way is tricky. But Virginia Smith pulls it off masterfully.

Steeple Hill and Love Inspired are two imprints that get overlooked, but both host some very talented authors. "Murder By Mushroom" is what I hope is a great new series...but if not, at least I got this one by Virginia:-)

"Murder By Mushroom" gets 4 bookmarks from me, with a little mushroom charm...of the non-poisonous variety. Pick up a copy of this delightful cozy's great summer reading! Although, I will lay off the noodle casseroles at poluck for awhile;-)

Happy Reading!


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Denise said...

Sounds good, except for the mushrooms, lol