Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dragonspell by Donita K. Paul

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I craved more fantasy after reading "The Deathly Hallows," so I combed the shelves searching for something that might satisfy. And I found a series about dragons and unusual creatures that is intriguing and enlightening.

"Dragonspell" by Donita K. Paul is the first in a series that now numbers four volumes. Kale, once a slave but now a servant to Paladin, finds herself in possession of a dragon egg.

Called a great dragon keeper, Kale joins in a quest with Dar and Leetu to find the precious meech dragon egg. This story includes several new races of beings; o'rants, emerlindians, urohm, and more make up the fantastical population of Amara.

Their quest involves the search, along with keeping the evil wizard Risto from completing his evil plans. Complete with an inhuman band of fighters (the bisonbecks), Risto works his illusions and evil magic to triumph against Paladin and Wulder, the creator of this universe.

Fast paced and filled with interesting creatures, this series is worth reading. One complaint: when the ordinary meets the extraordinary, it is a bit of a shock. For instance, Kale eats a sandwich made of jimmin meat, that is loaded with ripe tomatoes and crisp lettuce...HUH!!??

Other than that, I think I'm going to continue on this quest with Kale and company. I love the dragons...each particular kind is a certain color (green-healing; purple-musical; etc.). It's fun watching them hatch and seeing which kind we now have!

"Dragonspell" gets four out of five bookmarks from for more reviews of the other volumes in this series at a later date!

Happy Reading!


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TaunaLen said...

Thanks Deena. I think I will file this one away for a future read. If I can wait long enough, the series may even be a Christmas gift for my son who loves books like these. He's a bit stuck on writing his own. Maybe these will give him the inspiration he needs.