Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ask Me Anything by J. Budziszewski

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I found this nifty little book sitting on my husband's dresser. Professor Theophilus (the name the author goes by) says you can ask him anything and he'll give you the Biblical perspective.

These are questions he has received from students on campuses or through his regular column on Boundless webzine.

His name is pronounced Boojee-shef-skee...but his answers are far more easy to understand. He tackles topics such as "Why is church such a big deal?" and "What's wrong with being gay?"

Mr. B has also written other books geared toward college students, such as "How to Stay Christian in College". As a mom of two teens, one of which is college bound in two years, I'm always looking for ways to teach them the Biblical answers to the questions thrown at them by secular society.

I've read three chapters so far, and I really think this book will appeal to those seeking answers. He doesn't mince words, and some of his concrete examples for abstract concepts are things I've used to teach my kids.

I highly recommend parents check out this book, and then stick it in care packages mailed to their kids...nothin' says lovin' like Biblical teaching!! But check it out first and compare it to Scripture.

I give "Ask Me Anything" four bookmarks and a huge "THANK YOU!" to Professor Theophilus (and J. Budziszewski).

Happy Reading!


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Denise said...

Thanks for reviewing such helpful books.