Thursday, May 10, 2007

Diva NashVegas by Rachel Hauck

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May I just say, for a story about the country music industry, this novel ROCKS!!!

I met Rachel when she had "Georgia On Her Mind"--a peach of a story. I followed her when she got "Lost in NashVegas"---finding out a lot about the country music industry and how to face my fears.

In "Diva NashVegas", we get more than a glimpse into the industry, and we meet Aubrey James, the novel equivalent of Reba McEntire. But she isn't a knock off proof, Reba makes a cameo appearance in the story...just another reason to love "Diva"!

Aubrey comes from Christian roots; her parents Myra and Ray James were up there with Keith Green and Michael W. Smith. Through a series of events, Aubrey's life doesn't match up with her faith...although it isn't long before, as a customer in Truvy's chair once said, "her roots are showing."

Ever want to shake a make believe character until her teeth rattle?? I felt that way many, many times in this story. I watched Aubrey do what most of the women in my family have done, which is settle. I won't tell you how; I'll just let you read the novel and figure it out. The GOOD news is that God gets through and Aubrey returns back to His best for her life! Which avoided a good shakin' from me, let me tell you!

We also get a peek at the music television industry through Scott Vaughn and Inside NashVegas, an industry talk show with huge ambition. I loved the interview style Rachel used in these portions of the story, and I also loved having Scott's point of view in the novel. It threw me the first time it happened...but it added depth to the overall story.

I am sad to leave NashVegas...Rachel assures me this is it for this series. But I'm very glad that, for once, what happened in NashVegas didn't stay in NashVegas!

Pick up a copy today...and don't forget "Lost in NashVegas", the story that started it all...gotta read that one first. And while you're at it, get a copy of "Georgia On Her Mind"...nothing to do with NashVegas...just a really good chick-lit read!

"Diva NashVegas" gets a full five bookmarks from me, plus a little bonus tassel of a tiny guitar...and is it any coincidence that the ACM Awards are on television next week, hosted by Reba???

Happy Reading!


P.S. Be sure to stop by later on this month for my interview with Rachel Hauck!


Rachel Hauck said...

Hey! Thanks Deena. So happy you liked your time in NashVegas. :)

Blessings, Rachel

Deena said...

Liked my time there...I'd love to MOVE there...just wishin' there was gonna be more...but from your PC, I'll read anything:-)

Rel said...

I'm looking forward to both Nash Vegas stories!