Monday, April 30, 2007

A Seahorse In the Thames by Susan Meissner

I didn't think it could happen, but it has...

I found a book written by Susan Meissner that I didn't care for.

Maybe it's my frame of mind, or maybe it's the style of writing, but "Seahorse" just didn't float my boat.

Alexa Poole has had minor surgery for a lump under her arm. While recuperating, she meets handyman Stephen Moran, and he falls for her. Actually, he falls off her roof while doing repair work.

By then, a mere few days after meeting, Alexa has fallen for him. And she is disturbed by her feelings.

Also a part of this story is her sister, Rebecca, previously injured in a car accident that has left her with the mind of an adolescent. When Rebecca goes missing from her care home, Alexa seems to be the only family member who cares.

Even I didn't care.

But Priscilla, Alexa's twin sister, finally returns home from life abroad in England, and she comes bearing a gift...which I won't reveal here just in case you choose to read the novel.

In the end, all is resolved...I know, because I skipped from chapter five to the end, just to see how Susan tied up all the threads. And even that didn't satisfy me.

It almost seemed as if this was an old manuscript she pulled out of a drawer and dusted off for publication. I checked the cover twice to make sure the author was Susan Meissner.

It was.

Oh, well. I give "A Seahorse in the Thames" one bookmark, with a bonus tassel for explaining the weird title, which she did very well.

If you read this one and don't care for it, please, please, PLEASE try one of her other titles before you move on.

Happy Reading!



Jenny said...

Ewww! I think I'll skip that one. I just finished Georgia on Her Mind. That was fabulous! I actually stopped reading because I didn't want the book to end :) And when it was over I waited 2 days to start another book because I just wanted the story to hang with me. Have you read that one? Any suggestions for something similiar?


Rel said...

Hey Deena - God made us all different! I did Seahorse with my bookclub and everyone loved it and we had a great discussion. The book I struggled with the most from SUsan was Widows & Orphans yet loved Sticks & Stones - LOL!! She is a great author and definitely worth reading her books, as you say!